Corrugated Pipe Drainage Machine

General Features

Corrugated pipes and kinds of corrugated pipes like drainage pipes are nowadays commonly used in piping systems because of having very important advantages. Corrugated pipes come forward because of its superior specifications in drainage applications, sewage systems and waste chemical liquid material systems.

Especially they are used frequently because of its high abrasion resistant and being strong against chemical materials. Corrugated pipes have inside production material PE or PP so they are very suitable for sewage applications because of corrosion resistant. Also its light weight provides easiness while transportation and application.


  • Ø100-300 and Ø300-600 Working Range Models
  • Works Off-line
  • Working Speed Up To 6 m / min
  • Approaching the pipe from 3 or 6 Points
  • Hydraulic System
  • Rotary Saw System
  • Adjustable According to Different Pitches

Technical Specifications

3d Image